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Month in Review by More Romance Please

The Month in Review
More Romance Please

The following are MRP's 4-5 heart reviews given during the month. We hope you enjoy!

Our Five Heart Reviews

In This LifeMesmerizing. This is a tour de force by Terri Herman-Ponce. At times bewildering, alarming, and thrilling, In This Life never disappoints.
Psychiatrist Lottie Morgan is having some serious memory issues, and the people in her life not only aren’t helping, they may be making the situation worse. Especially her boyfriend, ex-military hunk, David. Pragmatic and an “I’ll believe it when I see it” kind of guy, he shows extraordinary patience with her, but that has its limits. And, in the spirit of adding insult to injury, she may have a stalker. What is going on?
Even as Lottie’s woes and confusion pile up, the reader glides happily along, enjoying the lyric writing, the otherworldly quality of  her ‘memories’, and the evocative recounting of another life and love.  Wonderful. Very well done. @terriponce

CovetHoly Cow! Terri Herman-Ponce has done it again. I loved In This Life so much, I ran to my Kindle after writing the review and bough Covet. Not disappointed! The story is equally fast-paced, bewildering, alarming, and thrilling. I’m guessing book three in the Past Life series is on the way, and I can hardly wait.
This time, hunky paramilitary yummy guy, David is the one getting “memories” he can’t understand and doesn’t want to deal with. The love of his life, psychiatrist Lottie Morgan is having a hard time coping with David’s refusal to admit what is going on. And then in walks a whole slew of nasty people ready and wanting to gum up the works.
POV changes from chapter to chapter, and I love being inside David’s head in this book. Terri knows how to write a very convincing Alpha male, and she does one heck of a job on High Bitch women, as well. Love MD!
I highly recommend this book, this series, and probably anything Terri Herman-Ponce writes. Very well done. @terriponce

SidekickPure Delight! Socialite-Without-A-Care Bremy St. James doesn’t clutter up her life with anything  more trying than assessing the latest fashion or nightclub trends, until reality smacks her upside the head and she must leave that life behind – which is where the reader comes in. After a month on her own, she’s forced to admit her survival skills suck, and fate is allied against her. Then her life goes from harsh, to out-and-out bizarre. By turns funny, sweet, diabolical, and eye-popping, with a fare dose of evil sprinkled over all, the ride Auralee Wallace takes us on reads like a superhero storybook that straddles the line between fantasy and (sort of) reality. Happily, it will have you cheering and laughing all along the way. I can hardly wait for the sequel. Wait, there will be one….right? Fingers crossed.
Very well done. @AuraleeWallace

Mostly MagicDonna June Cooper has done it again. More than Magic captured my heart and my imagination when I reviewed a few months ago, and now the second in the Books of the Kindling series, Mostly Magic, meets the very high bar this author sets for herself. O, how I would love to find this very special mountain and spend time with the folks who know it best.
This story picks up with sibling #2, Dr. Daniel Woodruff, only months after the close of MtM. We find ourselves in Italy, which is never a bad thing, but terrifying visions are unrelenting, and Daniel must risk his reputation, and perhaps his life, in order to ensure the safety of those around him.
Mel Noblett is an environmental reporter who senses there is more to Daniel’s bizarre behavior than a personality quirk, and together they must find out why he is having these visions, and what, if anything, they can do to alter their outcome.
Once again, the story captivates with lyric beauty, humor, tension, mystery and love – of family, of friendship, of life, and of the environment. And may I say ~ Long Live the Bees! 
Very well done.   @donnajunecooper

Our Four Heart Reviews 

Connecting Strangers: This one hits all the right notes – (very) hunky guy, damsel in distress, fast and faithful fiends, and bad bad men who need their comeuppance.
Escaping from a world of hurt, heroine Emily is fleeing for her life, and who should she run into but the most gorgeous guy in six states (okay, that’s my opinion), Adam.
In Connecting Strangers (book one of the Discovering Emily series), Rachel Carrington takes us on a spirited, well-written ride through rural Kentucky, and then leaves us with a wonderful “good enough for now” ending, with its very toes on the precipice of a cliffhanger.
Well done.  @rcarrington2004

Savannah SacrificeMs. Winters’ breathtaking Nymph series continues in beautiful Savannah. Unfortunately for teenage heroine Starling, enjoying Savannah’s beauty is not what brought her there. Her mother has been murdered, and spirit voices she can’t get rid of threaten her own life if she doesn’t do their bidding. Jasper, the bodyguard she’s been trying to ditch, is close on her heels, and together they must find their way to an understanding, in order to fulfill their destiny.
Danger threatens at every turn, and the reader is taken on a fast-paced ride through a world chock full of evil shape-shifters (of the feathered variety), nymphs, a seer and a Voodoo priestess, and thankfully, one very understanding cabby. I enjoyed the ride.
Well done.  @danicawinters

Syphon's SongNicely written, this story is a fun adventure through the hierarchy and mystery of the Mage world. The Casteels and the Rallises face off like the Hatfields and McCoys, with magic and spells flying pell-mell, rather than bullets, but it’s quiet, brow-beat yet determined Bronte Casteel that brings them all to heal and makes both families, and the world, pay attention. I enjoyed this read and appreciate the extensive and solid world-building that Anise Rae’s imagination has brought forth.
Well done.  @AniseRae

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