Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Book Review and Spotlight: Lady Broke by Rachel Donnelly

Lady Broke
By Rachel Donnelly

Publisher: Crimson Romance
Genre: Historical Romance

About the Book:
A timeless, rollicking adventure of unlikely lovers, set in the Wild West.
East meets west when a high-principled Boston socialite teams up with a revenge driven bounty hunter to catch a gang of outlaws. 
It’s tough being a witness when the last one turned up dead.  But Christie Wallace is determined to bring the Everett gang to justice.  Unfortunately, the law can’t protect her from pistol-toting outlaws or the intoxicating lure of a dangerous man.  But, after escaping the suffocating prospects of an arranged marriage she has no intention of allowing her heart to rule her head, even when temptation comes in the form of an incorrigible lawman named Nat Randall.              
Dead or alive—it made no difference to Nat Randall.  He’d tried to bring the Everett gang to trial once before, but the law let him down.  It seems frontier justice is all he has left. But, he doesn’t count on protecting a bewitching Easterner whose courageous spirit challenges him as much as her beauty distracts. It’s not long before he’s torn between pursuing her or the outlaws.  

My Review:
This story had me hooked from the beginning. I worried I would find endless clich├ęs and Wild West ‘jargon,’ but I needn’t have worried.
When the very proper East Coast socialite, Christie Wallace is able to identify a notorious criminal seen in a dusty Nevada backwater, her unbending principles won’t allow her not to bear witness – even though other witnesses have come to untimely ends before convictions could be had. Much to the consternation of bounty hunter, Nat Randall, the beautiful and very annoying miss Christie just keeps getting in his way. Doesn’t she understand the danger she’s put herself, and everyone else in, or does she refuse understand?

There are ups and downs, grit and sorrow, and plenty of tension…of all sorts. I had a great time reading this story. Very well done.
-Cary Morgan Frates

About the Author:
Rachel Donnelly is a Golden Heart and Golden Pen Finalist. She lives in Canada with her husband, two children, and a crazy cat.
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  1. Excellent book blurb and review! I just added Lady Broke to my TBR list. Much continued success, Rachel!

  2. I had to go right over to Amazon. My Kindle was twitching away. I love a great cowboy story. Can't wait to sit back on my almost warm deck and have a great read!

  3. Thanks so much for the spotlight, Cary!

  4. Wonderful spotlight and review. Thanks, Cary and Rachel!