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4Heart Book Review: Tender Deceit by H.Y. Hanna

Tender Deceit
First Love Series
Book 1
H.Y. Hanna

Genre:  Romantic Suspense
Cover Artist:  Kim Killion

Book Description:
First love. Second chance. All they have to do is stay alive…

Following her father's mysterious death in Singapore, Leah leaves her life in London and returns to the island that was her childhood home - braced to confront her past. Toran James may have been the boy her fourteen-year-old heart yearned for, but the magic of stolen glances and first kisses faded with his betrayal.
The enigmatic man she meets upon her return, though, is nothing like her memory, and the past holds more secrets than she realized. Was her father's death really an accident? What was hidden in his study? And why has Toran contacted her again after all these years? Someone is out to silence Leah - and that someone might be the man she is rapidly falling in love with... again.

Our Review~

I enjoyed Tender Deceit – to the point where I forgot it was the first book in a series. Arrgh, I wanted to know more, more, more at the end. Patience was never a prominent aspect of my personality. Sigh.
Forced to leave Singapore by her father, our heroine, Leah, was shunted off to a boarding school in England at the age of fourteen, when she refused to stop seeing her first love, Toran. Why such a drastic measure, you ask? IDK. Toran was a nice young man, smart, polite, gorgeous as the day is long….oh, maybe that’s why Daddy intervened. Even so, seems excessive. Regardless, Leah has made a life for herself in London, but she’s forced to return to her childhood home on receiving news of her father’s death – a death that may have a suspicious cause. Once back in country, it doesn’t take long to Leah to see Toran again, but what are the chances something between them may be rekindled? Before they can seriously consider the question, they find themselves in the line of fire of a very important, very ruthless man.
The writing is strong, the characters well-drawn and likable. It was a pleasure to read this book, and I look forward to the next in the series.
Well done.
~Cary Morgan Frates

About the Author:

H.Y. Hanna was born in Taiwan and has been a globe-trotter most of her life, from growing up in the United Arab Emirates to attending school in New Jersey, from working in the glamorous world of London advertising to emigrating Down Under. 
Along the way, she somehow managed to pick up a wonderful husband, a huge, slobbery dog, two rescue cats, an assortment of cardboard boxes and a slightly dodgy "trans-atlantic" accent. 
After graduating from Oxford University, she tried her hand at a variety of jobs before returning to her first love: writing. 
She’s the author of the Amazon bestselling children’s mystery series, Big Honey Dog Mysteries, and is now diving into the world of romantic suspense with the launch of Tender Deceit, Book 1 in the First Love Series. You can find out more about H.Y. Hanna and her books at: or catch her on Facebook at “H.Y. Hanna” or the Big Honey Dog Mysteries Facebook Page.

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  1. Oh, I only found out about your review now! Just wanted to say a belated thank you for taking the time to read my book and share your thoughts. I'm so pleased you enjoyed it! :-) The sequel will be released in the first week of Sep so I hope you'll enjoy that too.

    Best wishes,

    H.Y. Hanna