Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Book Spotlight & Giveaway: Return by Max W. Miller

Egyptian Moon Series
Book 1
Max W. Miller

Genre: New Adult Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Ironshield Marking LLC
Number of pages: 218 pages
Cover Artist: Kat Murphy 

Book Description:

A young lady has to learn how to function on a college campus without the guidance of her parents while dealing with reincarnation. How will she fight and win the battle against the aggressive soul of an ancient Egyptian princess who is determined to RETURN.


A Snippet from Chapter Four – Tyler Speaks

I’d had a hard time falling asleep knowing that Meg was so close but so unreachable. Images of her beautiful face and thick long hair refused to leave my mind. In a room with the right temperature, expensive bedding and soft cloud-filled pillows, I should have had no trouble drifting off.
Maybe I lay wide awake because it had been such an exciting day for me, the bulk of it being incredible. Seeing one of the premier NFL teams, the New York Giants, show their stuff was probably another reason for me not sleeping. The Giants even let me throw the ball and showed interest in how I’d perform. Totally freaking awesome!
In the middle of my thoughts, somebody rattled my door. I sat up and then turned on the light. I stared at the door as my heart thumped. It had to be Katie Smart, coming to throw my ass out on the streets of New York. I held my breath as a slender arm appeared. 
Good, God. It was Meg. She’d come to me.
In the light of the bedroom, we looked at each other. My heart skipped a beat when for a moment, just for the time it would take for a receiver to drop a clean throw, I didn’t recognize the hard look of beauty on her face. It was as if I’d gotten caught in a fantasy with another woman.

About the Author:
Max W. Miller was born in Savannah, Georgia, but has lived in North Carolina with her husband and two children for many years. She comes from a large family with eight siblings who have also experienced supernatural encounters.

Max enjoys writing science fiction, fantasy, and all things paranormal because she believes that we have three distinct parts to our being—body, mind and spirit (soul), and that other life forms in other realms are just as real as we are. In her writing, Max uses popular fantasy, science fiction and paranormal topics such as aliens, ghosts, and witches, and expresses them in a way that is highly entertaining and thought provoking.

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