Friday, May 23, 2014

Book Blast & 4 Heart Review: Essence by Mackenzie Lucas

Mackenzie Lucas

Contemporary Romance PUBLISHER: Soul Mate Publishing
PUBLICATION DATE: January 1, 2014
PRINT LENGTH: 239 (e-book)_ pages

About the Book:
All Haven Jameson ever wanted was to own a little piece of paradise. Now, she does, having established a successful luxury spa in St. Augustine, Florida. But when the property next door is sold to a mega developer and his pro-golf celebrity brother, who design trendy, bustling playgrounds for the rich and famous, she fears her dream could slip away. Confronted by her late husband’s infidelity, Haven learns everything she believed about her marriage was a lie. She finally sets aside her grief and opens her heart to loving the widowed pro-golfer. Haven discovers that living a safe, loveless life is far worse than embracing passion and taking a chance on a man who’s vowed never to love again.

My Review:

Essence is a delightful read, and delightfully steamy read from beginning to end.
The lovely and lonely widow, Haven Jameson, has worked hard to create a spa without rival, but her world is turned upside down when the land owner of the adjacent property suddenly turns vindictive, and the buyer of that property, Pace Daniels, threatens both her heart, and the financial stability of her spa.  
The writing is good, the scene-setting luscious, the characters well-drawn, and vividly portrayed (and hot!!). There is more inner thought on subjects oft repeated than I would like, and more tell vs. show for my taste, but this is not critical enough to lessen the star count. PS. I want to move to Florida and take yoga…
Well done.

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